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Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning World provide scheduled commercial air conditioning maintenance services for businesses in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We have a team of fully qualified, licensed and insured air conditioning and refrigeration technicians who have decades of experience servicing commercial properties. Our commercial client portfolio includes high rise apartment and hotel buildings, offices, hospitals, shopping centres, night clubs, restaurants and more.

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Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance:

There are several benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance; regular maintenance can save you money by fixing minor faults before they become a bigger issue as well making sure that your system is running as efficiently as possible which in turn reduces your energy consumption. Regular air conditioning maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your unit, and many manufacturers list the required servicing intervals in their product warranty terms.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Inclusions:

Our commercial air conditioning maintenance service inspects all of the elements of your air conditioning system to ensure that it is functioning correctly. We will test all of the functions, making sure that it is heating and cooling correctly, and we will inspect all of the wiring and electrical components. Our inspection will cover both the internal and external units, as we often find that the outdoor fan can become obstructed. Once we have tested and checked all components, we will clean the filters, condenser coils and evaporator coils before checking gas levels and refilling where necessary (there is an additional cost for re-gassing).

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts:

We offer fixed priced scheduled maintenance contracts for your commercial property. Our fixed pricing means there won’t be any hidden costs or surprises, and having your maintenance services scheduled for you means that you’ll never forget or let the servicing fall behind.

If you’d like to organise a quote for an air conditioning maintenance contract then please get in touch with the team at Air Conditioning World to discuss your requirements today.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

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