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Air Conditioning Design for Hospitality and Hotels

Air Conditioning World is owned and operated by Phil Eagleston who is a qualified air conditioning engineer with over 45 years of air conditioning design experience. We have designed air conditioning systems and solutions for a wide range of commercial projects including multi-storey hotels and high rises, hospitals, night clubs and more. These complex projects require an experienced engineer who understands the requirements of the facility as well as the capacity and capabilities of the different solutions currently available on the market.

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Hospitality, Night Clubs and Pubs:

Providing a comfortable environment for your customers is a high priority for hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars, night clubs and pubs. If your venue is too hot or too cold, people will likely move on to somewhere more comfortable. A sufficient air conditioning system is especially important for night clubs where there is often limited natural air flow and people are drinking and dancing.

The team at Air Conditioning World are experienced in designing and installing commercial air conditioning solutions. We will assess your venue and discuss the way that people flow in and out of the different areas; we will look at your venue capacity as well as where people tend to congregate. We’ll then design you a custom solution that meets the requirements of your venue, ensuring that the system is as efficient and unobtrusive as possible while meeting all required standards and regulations.

Hotels, High Rises and Unit Complexes:

Air Conditioning World have experience designing air conditioning systems for multi-storey buildings that require separate aircon units in each individual room or apartment. Our qualified air conditioning engineer can design, plan and quote on the installation of a comprehensive solution that will take care of the needs of all of your guests or tenants.

Air Conditioning Design

Get in touch with Air Conditioning World to discuss our full range of commercial air conditioning design and installation services. Call 07 3556 5341