Preventative Maintenance
Repairman Repairing Ceiling Air Conditioning Unit

Preventative Aircon Maintenance

Preventative aircon maintenance is essential for extending the lifespan of your commercial air conditioning system. It can also identify and repair any minor issues before they become bigger problems that affect your business operations. At Air Conditioning World, we have a team of experienced and qualified commercial air conditioning and refrigeration technicians who provide preventative maintenance services for our commercial air conditioning clients.

If you’d like to discuss a maintenance contract or request a quote for your commercial property, please get in touch with us on 07 3556 5341.

4 Reasons to Consider Preventative Aircon Maintenance:

1. Saves you money: Preventative air conditioning maintenance is designed to identify potential issues with your commercial systems and repair them before they become problematic. This means replacing parts that are starting to show signs of wear and tear as well as regular cleaning and testing of components. Fixing minor issues is considerably more cost effective than repairing a broken down air conditioner.

2. No disruption to your business: A broken down air conditioner can have negative effects on your business operations. For offices, it can mean lower productivity levels from your staff; for restaurants is can mean customers choosing to dine elsewhere; for hotels it can mean bad online reviews and for retail outlets it can mean less foot traffic and time spent in store.

Our maintenance team will schedule their work in during your off-peak times to ensure minimal disruption to your staff or customers; they work quickly and tidy up after themselves ensuring that they will be in and out before you know it.

3. Improved air quality: regular cleaning of the filters and coils results in cleaner air quality for you, your staff, residents, guests or customers.

4. Improved energy efficiency: Our technicians check all electrical components during their preventative maintenance servicing. They ensure that the entire system is running as efficiently as possible and will make any adjustments as required to improve your energy consumption.

Real Estate and Property Managers:

Air Conditioning World have a long history of working alongside real estates and property managers to provide preventative air conditioning maintenance services. Our technicians are reliable and professional, and are happy to work with your tenants’ schedule to arrange the servicing. Our wide service area encompasses all of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast which enables us to look after all of your properties no matter where they are in South East Queensland.

Preventative Aircon Maintenance

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